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    BMW Brake Dust

    This Is A Good Thing

    My Mechanic Told Me,
    “I Couldn’t Repair Your Brakes, So I Made Your Horn Louder.”

    BMW makes use of an advanced braking technology and BMW’s are known to stop “on a dime” when the brakes are maintained properly. The performance brake system in your BMW utilizes special carbon compounds that are manufactured to be “soft” and are designed to work in combination with the brake rotors; which enhance stopping power.

    It is this special compound that enables the brake pads to grab and actually grip to the brake rotors, increasing stopping power. On the positive side, this increases the holding power of the brake pads to the rotors. The flip side is, you have an increased amount of brake dust as a result.

    Aftermarket BMW brake pads, not manufactured to the OEM specs, generally don’t provide the same stopping power as original equipment BMW pads, and often result in brake squeal and excessive noise.

    A vibrating steering wheel as you brake from speed is also a side effect of aftermarket parts and can be cured with original equipment BMW brake discs and/or rotors.

    Making certain that every BMW lives up to its moto as the Ultimate Driving Machine®, you can rest assured that at Ian’s Garage we use only genuine OEM Original Equipment BMW Parts.

    OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” This means that OEM replacement parts are exactly the same as what was originally installed on your BMW. They’re designed and produced by the same brand manufacturer that made your vehicle.

    But you should be aware that many other BMW repair shops are now substituting their genuine replacement parts with off-brand or “Value Line” parts. If manufactured from inferior materials, discount or aftermarket parts may prove to be less reliable. Aftermarket parts also don’t typically come with a warranty, and they can also void your vehicle’s warranty in some instances.

    We may suggest differing maintenance schedules than the manufacturers recommended intervals, based on driving style, budget, and personal preference.