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    BMW Tune Up’s

    BMW Auto Repair Santa Fe, NM

    Yes, We Can Fix That

    Quality BMW Tune Ups You Can Depend On.

    Ian’s Garage is the number one Mini Cooper and BMW auto repair and service shop in Santa Fe NM.
    Our team has decades of service and repair experience, and are trained and certified to diagnose and service all Mini and BMW models.

    Our 5 Star reviews speak to the fact that we really do care about you and your car.

    Whether your Mini Cooper or BMW is in need of service or repairs to mechanical components, like BMW brakes and rotors, or electronic systems like navigation or power windows, or just routine service, no other independent BMW repair facility in Santa Fe is as familiar with the innovative technology of your BMW than Ian’s Garage.

    From oil changes to brake repair, suspension or cooling system, or electronic systems diagnosis, We Can Fix That!

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    Your BMW Doesn't Need A Tune Up

    In days gone by you might have taken your 1990s automobile to your favorite repair shop for a tune up. Chances are your mechanic replaced not only the spark plugs but the distributor cap and rotor, loosened the distributor so he could aim his timing light to adjust spark timing, replaced spark plug wires and the condenser on the coil. Then adjusted the air fuel mixture of the carburetor. Then …

    Your BMW or Mini Cooper Knows When It
    Requires Service

    And it’s smart enough to know when and inform you ahead of time that you BMW needs a Tune Up.

    Say Thank You to "Condition Based Service"

    With Condition Based Servicing, Your BMW or Mini Cooper is monitoring almost every critical component.

    BMW’s Condition Based Servicing (CBS) system actively monitors critical engine and various other vehicle components for wear. CBS monitors such things as, the oil life, cabin air filter, wear on the front and rear brake pads, condition of the brake fluid, spark plugs, and, with diesel engines, the diesel particulate filter.

    It also monitors the time/mileage recommendations for recommended services and it analyses this data and alerts you when a service is due or over due.  All this is provided by the iDrive Control Display.
    The system also monitors the service life of the automatic transmission fluid and oxygen sensors, but does not show this data on the instrument cluster or driver display panel. That’s where our factory BMW diagnostic equipment has you covered.

    The CBS system will alert the owner that service is needed approximately one month prior to when the service due. It is the modern equivalent of having Ian’s Garage along for the ride!

    And There's More!
    Digital Motor Electronics

    The comprehensive management system for your engine: Digital Motor Electronics (DME)

    DME controls all key aspects of the engine’s operation, ensuring optimum reliability, maximum performance and the lowest possible fuel consumption and emissions.

    By managing key engine functions, Digital Motor Electronics (DME) guarantees optimum reliability, maximum
    performance and the lowest possible fuel consumption and emissions. Its sensors continually all factors
    affecting the operation of the engine. The data is then evaluated by a microprocessor and translated into
    commands for the fuel injection and ignition systems.
    The DME system receives up to 1,000 separate items of data input per second, including engine speed, air intake volume, air temperature and density, coolant temperature, throttle position, accelerator position and vehicle speed.

    DME verifies all incoming data by comparing it with the reaction of the rest of the system. If a defective
    sensor delivers unrealistic data, DME replaces this with preset standard values. If a spark plug fails, DME
    immediately cuts fuel flow to this cylinder in order to prevent engine damage.

    DME looks after the electrical power system too, with sensors measuring the charge and condition of the battery as well as current electrical power consumption. By maintaining optimum battery charge levels and thus avoiding flat batteries, it prevents damage to the battery and guarantees maximum battery life, thereby helping to ensure the engine always starts readily.

    Give your BMW the expert care and service it deserves. You will have peace of mind knowing that every BMW and Mini Cooper we service receives 5 Star care.