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    BMW Windshield Replacement and Repair

    At Ian's Garage we use only
    Genuine BMW Factory Windshields

    To the untrained eye, owners looking for BMW windshield replacements may think all glass is the same.

    Many BMW and Mini owners don’t realize that their windshield is classified as a “safety device”. This is because it provides structural strength to your BMW’s body, and acts as one of its most important safety features during an accident or collision. It helps support the roof of your vehicle and prevents it from collapsing  if an accident should occur, and provides other critical safety features.

    Choosing the right glass for your
    BMW windshield replacement.

    There are generally two types of auto glass: OE glass (Original Manufacturer) and non-OE glass, or what many people refer to as aftermarket glass.  OE, Original Equipment (in our discussion true BMW Glass). This refers to glass from the original supplier who provided the glass used in the factory assembly of your vehicle, and will have the BMW Rondel brand stamped directly onto the glass. This is  the highest quality glass for your BMW or Mini Cooper and the only windshield we install.

    So when you have to decide on the choices, how important is this really?

    There can be, and usually are, subtle differences and imperfections that are present in “Aftermarket” BMW windshields. And we’re not just talking about clarity and distortion. BMW windshields are now integral with the ADAS systems- the Advanced Driver Assist Systems – these systems detect nearby obstacles or driver errors, and respond accordingly; in most instances preventing or avoiding accidents. Glass clarity is vital to insure Driver Assist Systems work properly.

    Each OE replacement windshield goes through rigorous and thorough surface contour and optical quality checks as it moves down the assembly line. Auto glass parts produced by OE Manufacturers consistently fit better and adhere to the same standards for fit and finish as the glass that is originally installed when the car is built.

    As important as the windshield quality is, so too is the quality and proper installation of your BMW or Mini’s windshield.

    At Ian’s Garage you can be confident knowing that we use only BMW factory windshields and utilize the same high quality polyurethane adhesive system, the recommended cure time, and a trained, certified technician for installation.

    windshield chip repair

    Wondering if your glass chip can be repaired?

    Windshield repair is primarily intended to be structural, not cosmetic.

    Rock chip repair almost never makes the crack COMPLETELY disappear. The repair is primarily intended to prevent further cracking, with cosmetic’s being a secondary benefit.

    Your BMW windshield is actually two pieces of glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer between the two pieces of glass (i.e. Laminated Glass). Generally when a rock  hits your windshield, only the outer layer of glass is damaged. If the damage is small, it can usually be repaired

    How are Windshields made?

    Watch this old but informative video of how windshields are made.