Santa Fe BMW Service

Ian's Garage is Santa Fe’s Premier Service and Repair Facility
Exclusive to BMW and Mini Cooper Cars and SAV's.

Expert Santa Fe BMW Repair

Our expert staff Santa Fe BMW have decades of experience in servicing and repairing virtually all mechanical, electrical and computer diagnostic related work on BMW and Mini Cooper. From oil changes to major repairs like engine and transmission rebuilds, our state-of-the-art service center is equipped to make sure that your vehicle is properly taken care of. Ian’s Garage has access to the most innovative diagnostic service equipment available. Our technicians are regularly completing rigorous training to ensure that we are up to date on the latest BMW and Mini Cooper technology.

Before we begin any repair or service on your BMW or Mini Cooper, we perform a comprehensive diagnosis and visual inspection. We do this to get a clear idea of your BMW or Mini Cooper’s maintenance needs and to avoid any potential future problems.

When your Santa Fe BMW or Mini Cooper arrives for service, there are several common symptoms that we typically see, or the owner notifies us of:

• Service due or required Dash indication
• Service Engine (soon) lamp is on without symptoms
• Service Engine lamp is on with symptom(s)
• Coolant low warning on
• Engine oil low warning on
• Airbag warning on
• 4X4, Traction Control symbol or Transmission Control symbol indicators on
• Evidence of oil, coolant, or transmission fluid leaking
• Brake warning light on
• Brake squeal or grinding
• Steering wheel shakes at times when driving or stopping
• Noise coming from suspension
• Tire Pressure Monitor warning lamp on

In addition, there are “Drive Line” failures involving transmission, driveshafts, transfer cases for 4 wheel drive (X Drive), axle shafts, and boots, differentials, wheel bearings and brakes account for many of repair services.
Electrical, electronic coding & programming are also frequent service issues we address.