Dom Molloy

So my girlfriend and I were in Santa Fe on vacation when we ran into a problem with our BMW. We found Ian on the internet and drove over to his shop he spent probably 45 minutes looking at our car and helped us understand that it was still under warranty and arranged for the car to be brought to the dealer. He also told the dealer to expect us and we got VIP treatment from them and we also got VIP treatment from Ian and his wife Theresa.They just took care of us and turned what was potentially a pretty stressful situation into something that was a unique customer experience.

Besides being very nice people Ian and Teresa know what they’re doing Ian has a serious background in Volvo’s and BMWs and it seems to me that the local dealer uses his expertise on a regular basis when they have problems that are a little beyond their abilities.

Bottom line is you go to a mechanic sometimes wondering if they’re going to take advantage of you. It is the opposite with Ian and Theresa. With them you have people who will be your advocate and will take care of you and your car with a combination of professionalism and friendliness that is how to find anywhere.