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    Brake Service and Repair

    Your BMW Or Mini Cooper
    Special Brakes For Special Cars

    You might be able to skip a car wash, but neglecting your BMW or Mini Cooper’s brakes could have dangerous consequences.

    The braking system on your BMW or Mini Cooper is probably the number one safety feature of you vehicle.

    Many owners don’t realize that BMW brakes are built for performance rather than long life. The fact is that BMW brakes are refined and responsive, rather than truck like. Because your BMW Brakes are lightweight, is one reason why your vehicle is a performance driven,  luxury oriented sports car.

    Brake pads are made to wear out over time, and driving habits can prolong or diminish  their life expectancy. You use the brakes much more driving around town than you would on the highway for example.

    The braking systems of your BMW are also part of the suspension system.  These two systems work together to ensure the safety, stability and control of your vehicle. When we inspect or replace your brake pads or rotors, we also inspect the suspension to determine if there is any wear or damage.

    BMW cars and SAV’s are equipped with electronic brake monitoring systems. The dashboard  indicator lights will tell if there is a potential problem with your braking system. There are different warnings to alert you if the system senses your brake pads are close to their wear limit, or when your brake fluid should be replaced. If a warning light shows up on your dashboard, be sure to give us a call to discuss whether it’s safe to drive your car or not.

    Safety is Our Number One Priority


    We have seen many different variations of after market brake components used on BMWs and Mini’s. What we have learned is that the original brake rotors and pads out perform sub-standard “Over the Counter” parts.  After-market pads and rotors quite often create  problems.

    A shaking steering wheel as you slow from highway speeds can be the result of a worn brake rotor. Non-original equipment rotors often become warped. The BMW rotors are cast from very special steel; they dissipate heat uniformly, and when the factory linings are used, the pores at the surface of the rotors collect and hold carbon from the linings to help adhesion and minimize vibrations which can result in squealing.

    Ians Garage has performed more brake service and brake pad replacements than we can count. So when you need new brakes for your BMW or Mini Cooper, with years of hands on experience and unrivaled technical knowledge, rest assured that your BMW or Mini leaves our shop in like new condition.

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