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    Mini & BMW Maintenance

    Speaking About BMW Engine Services

    How do I know when my BMW needs service?

    BMW Service Intervals – when is your vehicle is due for service? Perhaps an Oil Service, Cabin Micro Filter, Engine Air Filter, Spark Plugs or Coolant Flush?

    The iDrive system provides this information on the Dashboard Control Display. And of course, there is always the Owners Manual. If you wish to manually check this data, select  “CAR,” “Vehicle Status,” and “Service schedule”—all through iDrive. You’ll then want to select an entry for more detailed info.

    Ian’s Garage follows these intervals, except for Oil Service. We feel the BMW Oil Service Intervals are too long. For improved engine long term performance, we recommend oil services at 5K mile intervals or once annually – whichever is first.

    Long Oil Service Intervals can result in engine component break down due to contaminated oil in the engine.

    Most common repairs due to long oil service intervals are :

    Oil Filter Housing Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets and Valve Stem Seals are required due to the 10K + Oil Service intervals.

    Here's A Video Of BMW's Condition Based Service


    Speaking About BMW Oil Changes

    How often should I schedule a BMW oil service?

    An oil change is one of the most basic preventive maintenance services for your BMW or Mini Cooper, and possibly the most important.  BMW maintenance begins with an oil change. With a simple oil change service, we drain the dirty oil out of the engine, replaces it with genuine factory oil and oil filter. But that’s not all. Our Routine Maintenance, isn’t routine

    BMW SIA* or CBS* data oil service intervals are programmed for approximately 12-16K miles. We believe these intervals are too long and should be scheduled more frequently. The performance of your engine is greatly improved if oil service is performed every 5-6K miles or at least once per year, when under 6K miles are traveled annually. We recommend inspecting vehicle every 6 months. The oil used is also critical, as only European Full Synthetic ACEA C3 or API SN * oils should be used to extend the life and performance of the engine. More frequent oil services intervals allows a BMW Specialist to check and top off all fluids, test battery, check air and cabin filters, cooling system, hoses, belts, suspension and tire condition. BMW diagnostics check views any faults present in fault memory and concerns for preventative maintenance.  A repair shop with a BMW and Mini Cooper specialist, who uses BMW diagnostics, will save you time, money and the inconvenience of breaking down.

    At Ian’s Garage an oil change, or any other service, you’ll receive a Courtesy Check. We’ll look inside, outside, under the hood and underneath the car, then explain the findings and give you a written report.


    If you have ever opened the hood on a late-model BMW to check your oil, you will be in for a shock. Because on certain models there is no dipstick! The “old-school” dipstick has been replaced with an oil level sensor in the bottom of the oil pan. If the oil level is low, the “Condition Based Service” system signals the iDrive screen and alerts the driver to add oil.

    Consider, however, that electronic level indicators can fail. So if by chance you’ve added a quart or so of oil and the CBS system persists with an alert, there’s a good chance the sensor has failed. In these circumstances, give us a call. We have a simple protocol to diagnose this and other alerts and will have you back on the road worry free.

    At Ian’s Garage, with an oil change, or any other service, you’ll receive a Courtesy Check. We’ll look inside, outside, under the hood and underneath the car. At a minimum, we’ll check:

    • Engine air filter
    • Brake fluid
    • Power steering fluid
    • Automatic transmission fluid
    • Coolant/antifreeze

    Our Routine Maintenance, isn’t routine. We really do care about you and your car.

    You Can Trust Our Products

    For over 25 years, Ian’s Garage has been helping New Mexicans maintain their vehicles. With certified mechanics, we can take care of all of your BMW repair and maintenance needs. From oil changes, filter replacements, and fluid flushes to brakes and brake repair, shocks and struts, we’ve got you covered.

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